"Rembrandt Cafe" draws inspiration from the timeless paintings of Rembrandt and the Dutch Old Masters. My intention was blurring the boundaries between photography and painting, paying homage to the artistry of the Dutch Old Masters while infusing it with a contemporary twist.

Girl with Grapes - photo by JJ Jordan
Girl with a Pepper - photo by JJ Jordan
Girl with a Handheld Mirror - photo by JJ Jordan

Special thanks to:

Fashion Stylists: Henrica Langh, Laura Moss, Paulina Stolarz.

Makeup Artists: Wiktoria Deero, Silvia Fernandez Lopez and Jacqueline Lindsay.

Hair Stylists: Wiktoria Deero, Kasia Kowalczyk.

Models: Pedro Brito, Alicia Fae, Mollie Gallagher, Sua Rose Kim, Kamil Lemieszewski, Siri Meland, Charlie Nott, Nina Nunukova, Kaily O’Brien, Stefania Orion, Rhiannon Owen, Victoria Peters, Manjinder Singh, Zuzana Spacirova.