QUEENS - Every Woman is One

About the project

The project is my collaboration with Gaylene Klatt - a talented writer and a wonderful soul, who wrote heart-tugging stories to accompany my artworks. There is so much of the truth in her stories, so much of her personal truth, that I often have tears in my eyes while reading her words. Later this year we’ll be publishing a book ‘QUEENS - Every Woman is One’ - the collection of 30 artworks and 30 stories. Please stay tuned. We’ll be sharing some fragments in the upcoming weeks.

Before the book is ready I hope you’ll enjoy two snippets available to download below. The story of the Queen of True Love and the story of the  Queen of the Revolution.

Preface to the project by Gaylene Klatt:

As women, we all feel like we have a hundred hats to wear in a day, a magnitude of thoughts to process every moment, and the weight of everyone else’s needs and expectations upon our shoulders. In the midst of being there for everyone else, it’s easy to lose yourself, to feel isolated and all alone. We hope that our project 'QUEENS - Every Woman is One' will give you the strength and reassurance that you are not alone, that we are all connected, and most of all, that you are all you will ever need to achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations.

In every moment… YOU ARE A QUEEN!

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