When you think that starting a conversation is a bit awkward and then you realise that you're petrified before you even produce a single sound. When you think you need more space for yourself, but actually find that any interaction looks pretty much like the Normandy landings. When you think you are an introvert, but it turns out it's full-blown Asperger.

This project reflects on the complex relationship an introverted person may have with the outside world. There is a line from a song that comes to my mind when I think about it:

Looking for the ONE,

But you know you're somewhere else instead.

You want to be the song,

The song that you hear in your head.

Special thanks to:

Models: Bethany Mitchell and Alex MacTavish

Crew members: Nina Romain and Anna Wojtowicz

Collaboration: Christina Vivacqua-Weyers and Happy Undies