Being born in the early 70s, I'm drawn to old, faded photos. They have an exceptional feel to them, an immense beauty I can't stop looking at. Driven by nostalgia, I've decided to recreate the same mood in a series of photos. Although I used a modern, vibrant city as the backdrop, I found a few timeless surroundings, a few vintage back alleys that provided the perfect opportunity for travelling back in time.

Special thanks to:

Makeup Artists: Teryne Phillip, Zdenka Rajtova, Vita Smirnova

Photography Assistants: Ying Lan, Lene Haugstad

Models: Francesca Aversa, Manvi Bali, Alicia Fae, Gisele Gazolli, Jana Gazolli, Laura George, Camile Reid, Olivia Seaby, Anika Sweetland.