Hi there, I’m JJ Jordan, visual designer & photographer, currently based in London, UK

Thank you for dropping by. I’m a Polish artist based in London. I have the privilege to win the Portrait of Britain Award by British Journal of Photography in 2019 and in 2021. Although portrait photography is very close to my heart, I genuinely enjoy any creative process.


  • Winner of the Portrait of Britain 2021 Awards
  • Winner of the Portrait of Britain 2019 Awards
  • Honorable Mention at ND Awards 2019
  • Honorable Mention at ND Awards 2018
  • Honorable Mention at Monochrome Photography Awards 2016


I’d like to say huge thanks to all generous people who supports my work. Your support means a lot! THANK YOU!
My special thanks go to:

  • Danielle Ancona
  • Boston Intuitive
  • Carol Canfield
  • George Condos
  • Deborah Crouse
  • Ryan Durham
  • Roger Guffey
  • Her Grace Reads
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  • Zak Jones
  • Patrick Kuegle
  • Mirage Technology Group
  • Nightingale-Thoth Press
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  • Ann Norman
  • Rochelle Oberholse
  • William Oxer
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  • Margaret Richardson
  • StefWithAnF
  • James Stockton
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  • Visionary Quest Records
  • Victoria D. Weisfeld
  • WigReports (wigreports.com)